Jay Pritzker Pavilion (Millenium Park)

Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millenium Park a landmark in Chicago. Some timeless music has played here. Musicians / Bands like Brad Meldhau, Wayne Shorter, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Brian Blade and played here. Some of the events you have to see are the Chicago Jazz Festival, Chicago Blues Festival, and the Chicago Gospel Music Festival. The venue is a HUGE outdoor field with an incredible stage. It seats thousands of people and can fit a full sized orchestra on stage. Also, you're amidst Chicago's incredible skyline and within walking distance of the Chicago Art Institute. If you're up for nightlife you can walk to TONS of bars and clubs. You're literally right in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Main styles: Jazz, Classical / Orchestral, Blues, Gospel, Folk, Rock
Overall feel: Huge outdoor music venue
Acoustics: Wide open
Avg. crowd size: Hundreds - Thousands
Avg. age of crowd: Young and Old
Stuff to do around there: Downtown Chicago. Lot's of nightlife
Jam Session? No
Avg. age of musicians: 30+
Skill of musicians: Top notch
Notable past acts: Brad Meldhau, Wayne Shorter, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Brian Blade
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NancyL    May 1 12'
Millenium Park in Downtown Chicago is such a beautiful place to see incredible music. The field and skyline are almost too incredible. You're right off Michigan Ave. with the full skyline of Chicago in eyesight.

I saw the Chicago Orchestra play here. The acoustics were very for being outdoor and the quality of music was obviously incredible. I definitely recommend seeing any live music here!!!

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