Graham Caldwell

I like to program, create sweet websites / random stuff, play drums, piano / keyboard / synth, bass, and lot's of music. I like playin' golf and a whole lot of basketball. I'm the founder and creator of uplup.com and a few other websites. I like writing original / crazy music and playing in sweet bands. I like jazz, rock, classical, metal, and any kind of good music that makes you feel something legit...

Graham Caldwell - Barrington, Illinois
Elmhurst College
Barrington High School

Instruments I Play

Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass

Styles I Like

Jazz, R & B, World, Anything that makes you feel something legit...

Musical Training

Quite a bit...

Bands I've Been In

A lot of bands

Shows I've Played

Quite a few shows

Favorite Artists / Bands

Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Jill Scott, Avery Sunshine, Erykahh Badu, Kieth Jarret, Michael Jackson, Wham!, Robbie Neville, John Legend, More...

Best Live Shows I've Seen

Roy Hargrove at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago