Hot House

The Hot House is a great place in downtown Chicago to check out Salsa, Latin, and any kind of ethnic music. Big name worldly bands tend to play here. If you like to dance, don't even bother getting a table. You'll be shaking your hips all night on the vibrant dance floor! It's a great place for couples. Or, maybe you just love listening music with a nice beat. Either way, Hot House is jumpin'.

Main styles: Salsa, Latin, Merengue, Ethnic
Overall feel: Worldly
Acoustics: Small - Medium room
Avg. crowd size: 30 - 50
Avg. age of crowd: Middle age
Stuff to do around there: A few bars
Jam Session? No
Skill of musicians: Very Good
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415 W Aldine Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(312) 957-6073