Buddy Guy's Legends

Buddy Guy's Legends in downtown Chicago is a legendary blues bar. You can hear some of the best blues in all of Chicago. If you're lucky you can catch Buddy Guy himself! Be sure to stay up to date with the music events calendar.

Also, if you're a musician you'll definitely wanna hit up the open jam sessions! They're a little sporadic, so be sure to check the website / Facebook page.

Main styles: Blues
Overall feel: Vintage Chicago blues bar
Acoustics: Medium sized room
Avg. crowd size: 40 - 100
Avg. age of crowd: Young and Old
Stuff to do around there: Downtown Chicago. Lot's of bars
Jam Session? Yes! Occasional Jams. Check their website
Avg. age of musicians: Usually 30+
Skill of musicians: Great
Quality of networking: Good to chat with the musicians
Notable past acts: Buddy Guy!
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AlexGreen    Apr 19 16'

I may put 5 stars. This is really great club. Tickets are available right on Budd`s site http://buddyguytourdates.com/. Very convenient as for me. Design is also great, according to music! 

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700 S Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 427-1190