The Social

The Social is a 200 capacity music venue located in the heart of Downtown orlando. The venue is small, compact, and entiteluy intimate. though the majhority of the shows are acoustic smaller shows, larger bands have graced The Social's stage throughout the years. the amazing thing about the venue, truly, is the ease of finding the sport to see the stage. Visible from any location, and built with a conscious effort to showcase music, the Social is widely considered Orlando's premiere and ideal spot for club shows. 

The venue has a dug in pool area upfront for moshers, and an elevated ridge that spans around the entire stage. The venue is best right on the stairs up front, medium capacity, and with the lights dimmed.

Main styles: rock, metal, folk, acoustic
Overall feel: acoustic rock
Avg. crowd size: 100
Avg. age of crowd: 25
Stuff to do around there: Heart of Downtown Orlando, Live Plaza,
Jam Session? No
Avg. age of musicians: 25
Skill of musicians: moderate
Quality of networking: poor
Notable past acts: Modest Mouse, Paramore
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54 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 246-1419
Neighborhood: Downtown Orlando
Booking Information
Booking Contact  [email protected]  
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