Plaza Live Theater

The Plaza Live theater is relatively unknown and new in the Orlando music scene. Having once been used as a theater type arena for the theater arts, Plaza Live has been slightly converted to a full-on music arena. The venue features a wide oval shaped bottom, surrounded by a collection of bars that shape out the rest of the venue. The stage is expansive, spanning the entire front of the venue. The venues vivid nature and structure is ideal for music, and the sound quality is equally as enticing. The venue needs some time to truly remain at the top of the scene in the city, and the location is by no means ideal, but the venue's structure, soundstage, and overall atmospheric tendencies make a prime location to enjoy many artists- if only the artists knew it existed.

Main styles: rock, alternative rock, classic rock,
Overall feel: club,
Acoustics: superb
Avg. crowd size: 340
Avg. age of crowd: 24
Stuff to do around there: Park Ave Cds, venue is off the beaten path
Jam Session? No
Avg. age of musicians: 35
Skill of musicians: superb
Quality of networking: poor
Notable past acts: Childish Gambino, Rick Springfield
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425 North Bumby Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803
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