Backbooth is a tiny little venue, but it packs a big punch. Showcasing some of the most unwieldy local acts, backbooth  hosts a weekly line-up of total unknown,s local flair, and some larger hardcore and rock acts wanting to take a stab at the small club venue style. backbooth is one block back from the core of Orlando, North Orange Avenue, and might be ahrd to miss. but almost every night, the bar offers a nice act, mostly indie and sometimes punk rock/electronic acts, the venue is electric and varied in its own niche style and aesthetic.

Main styles: acoustic, electronic, punk
Overall feel: acoustic rock
Acoustics: excellent
Avg. crowd size: 40
Avg. age of crowd: 18
Stuff to do around there: Downtown Orlando, Live Plaza, Disney World
Jam Session? Yes! 30 minutes
Avg. age of musicians: 24
Skill of musicians: moderate
Quality of networking: modest
Notable past acts: Shiny Toy Guns, Washed Out, Andrew Jackson Jihad,
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bavcoreserved    Apr 5 12'

Located in the heart of Downtown Orlando and right around the corner from The Social, Backbooth is a unique hideaway and a local favorite. The club has somehat of a vintage feel, featuring a medium sized standing area and a mix of tables/booths in addition to the bar. Backbooth also features a small balcony/second floor. Usually a mix between smaller/growing touring acts and local artists. In-house sound system is above average. A veteran venue in Orlando, this 350-capacity club definitely has an interesting vibe and is worth checking out.

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37 West Pine Street
Orlando, FL 32801
Neighborhood: Downtown Orlando
Booking Contact  [email protected]  
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