Ole Memorial Lounge

Everyone loves to party. But the staff at Ole Memorial Lounge don't just love it, they live it. With more live music than most clubs in the area, and a wider variety of alcohol, it's easy for things to get a bit wild. Musically, OML is host to some of the city's finest rock and metal bands.

Theme parties for New Year's and St Patrick's Day always bring out the craziest party-goers. It's a common occurance for lovely ladies to lose a bit of clothing here and there, as well! Also of note, OML has it's own brand of karaoke. "Kickass Karaoke" as it's known, is one of the only regular karaoke sessions to feature hard rock and metal. You can scream along to your favorite Pantera or Metallica tunes, as well as the usual karaoke style songs in the playlist.  Throw in a few pool tables and parlour games, and you're sure to have a good time. Bikers welcome.

Main styles: Rock, Metal, Blues
Overall feel: Party Hard
Acoustics: Good
Avg. crowd size: 100 - 200
Avg. age of crowd: 21+
Stuff to do around there: Bars and Restaurants nearby
Jam Session? No
Avg. age of musicians: 18 - 70
Skill of musicians: Pro
Quality of networking: Good
Notable past acts: The Joint Effect, Bound, Serching For Sanity, Chuk Cooley, Delay The Day
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1133 S Memorial Dr # C
Tulsa, OK 74112
(918) 835-6330
Neighborhood: Midtown / East Tulsa