McNellie's Pub

To be clear, James E. McNellie's Pub in Tulsa's Pearl District is not a music venue. It is a large, two-story house of pure magic and beer. The downstairs consists of a full bar and restaurant. The food is exceptional, of course. But where McNellie's really shines is their alcohol menu. Besides the custom cocktails, McNellie's gives you a menu with almost every beer in the world, arranged from page to page by country. That, alone, is enough to get many people in the doors.

But when you take a trip upstairs on a weekend night that they're having a live band, that's when the pinnacle of the experience is reached. You're not always going to find a live band there, and you'll have a great time even if you don't. But there's something to be said for drinking round after round of exotic beers from over the globe and listening to hell raising Irish music, nitty gritty Oklahoma Red Dirt music or a swinging blues band.

Main styles: Acoustic, Folk, Indie, Irish
Overall feel: Irish Pub, Hipster friendly, Up-Scale
Acoustics: Intimate & live
Avg. crowd size: 100 - 200
Avg. age of crowd: 21+
Stuff to do around there: Arts, Entertainment, Food by way of Pearl District Downtown
Jam Session? No
Avg. age of musicians: 21+
Quality of networking: Very Good
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409 East 1st Street
Tulsa, OK 74120
(918) 382-7468
Neighborhood: Blue Dome District Downtown