Green Mill

The Green Mill is one of Chicago's main spots for Jazz. It's pretty low key, but has a bumpin' vibe when the bands get goin'. Some of Chicago's best jazz musicians play here.

If you're a musician looking to make some connections, be sure to check out the sunday night jam sessions! Typically, the house band plays earlier on. But, the jam goes late.

Main styles: Jazz, Blues
Overall feel: Jazz Club Vibe. Bright and good for friends
Acoustics: Dry
Avg. crowd size: 35 - 50
Avg. age of crowd: Young and Old
Stuff to do around there: A couple bars
Jam Session? Yes! Sunday nights!
Avg. age of musicians: Young and Old
Skill of musicians: Great
Quality of networking: Great for Jazz
Notable past acts: Maria Schneider
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4802 North Broadway Street
Chicago, IL 60640
(312) 642-6805