Boston Commons

The Boston Commons, originating in 1634, are known for the intense seasonal beauty that can be found here year-round. While normally a public park featuring busking musicians, the Boston Common is often times turned into a concert/festival venue featuring occasional concerts and events. The Commons are home to the second largest marijuana reformation protest and music festival, The Boston Freedom Rally, which takes place annually on the third Saturday of September and features politicians, speakers, artists and more. The Boston Commons, located across the street from the equally beuatiful Boston Gardens, is also one of the best places to go to see live busking and catch talent of all sorts. With over 50 acres of land the Boston Commons also features a plethora of trees, shade, sitting areas and greenery.

Main styles: Busking, Outdoors, Family (Except for Freedom Rally)
Overall feel: Outdoors, Family (Except for Freedom Rally)
Acoustics: N/A (Outdoors)
Avg. crowd size: 35+
Avg. age of crowd: All Ages
Stuff to do around there: Boston Commons, Restaurants, Freedom Trail, Downtown Boston, Chinatown, City Hall, Boston Gardens, Charles River and More
Jam Session? No
Avg. age of musicians: 18+
Skill of musicians: Mediocre - Excellent at times
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Tremont Street at Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02111
Neighborhood: Downtown Boston/Park St.