The Red Room at Cafe 939

If you are in Back Bay, you might want to check out the Red Room at Cafe 939. It is a Berklee College of Music based venue where you can hear students and artists from around the world. The food and coffee are tastefully prepared and the music is out of this world.

Main styles: Rock, Pop, Folk, Classic Rock, Classical, World, Hip-Hop
Overall feel: Cafe
Acoustics: Good
Avg. crowd size: 50
Avg. age of crowd: 20's
Stuff to do around there: Fine Dining, Fenway Park, Movie Theaters, Prudential Center, Back Bay
Jam Session? No
Avg. age of musicians: 20's
Skill of musicians: Great
Quality of networking: Great
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bavcoreserved    Apr 5 12'

Seeing a concert at the Red Room @ 939 is quite a unique experience. With no immediate bar, although a few short steps from the Cantina bar, an intimate concert always ensues. Shows are also occasionally streamed by the college radio station (http://thebirn.com). Concerts are typically booked by students at the college and all styles of music are represented here - particularly world, pop and rock. A bit awkward at times due to the inherent quietness of the room. Re-entry is usually allowed and the venue is directly connected to a small cafe as well as a nearby bar. I believe it is a 200-capacity room. Definitely a very unique opportunity and experience to see a show without a ton of excess noise in the background. Concerts here are always very personal. I have seen a number of shows here and the talent is impeccable; an excellent venue to catch smaller/acoustic concerts in Boston.

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939 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 747-2261
Neighborhood: Back Bay