Berklee Performance Center

The Berklee Performance Center is conveniently located on Massachusetts Ave. and Boylston St. They offer concerts and clinics performed by many famous names in the music industry as well as the music of up and coming Berklee students. It's right in the heart of Back Bay Boston, so there will always be something to do before or after a concert.

Main styles: Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, World, Folk, Reggae, Latin, Jazz, Folkloric
Overall feel: Concert Hall
Acoustics: Great
Avg. crowd size: 500
Avg. age of crowd: 20's-70's
Stuff to do around there: Prudential Hall, Kings, Newbury St. Fenway Park
Jam Session? No
Skill of musicians: Phenomenal
Quality of networking: Ok
Notable past acts: George Clinton, John Mayer
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bavcoreserved    Apr 5 12'

An absolutely remarkable concert hall owned and maintained by the infamous Berklee College of Music, the Berklee Performance Center provides an array of musical offerings from Rock to Pop to Hip Hop and more. Berklee's visiting artist's many times utiilize the facility to host rare concerts - the most recent being Parliament/Funkadelic's George Clinton. The acoustics and sound in here are phenomenal; this is definitely one of the most well-kept and professionally maintenced concert halls in Boston. Typically used for exclusive school concerts, events and more - frequently, national/international touring acts will rent out the venue; occasionally free concerts are held. Seated venue; balcony seating; no bar; re-entry sometimes permitted.

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136 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
617 747-2261
Neighborhood: Back Bay