The Spotted Cat

The Spotted Cat hosts a lot of Traditional Jazz on a nightly basis. The shows are always free, but there is a 1-2 drink minimum. Depending on the night, you can sit and calmly watch the musicians or you can be a part of the swing dancers that dominiate the dance floor near the stage. 

The Spotted Cat has music all day into the wee hours of the morning. You will see a lot of the same musicians playing.

Main styles: Traditional Jazz
Overall feel: Laid Back
Acoustics: Decent. There's no PA system for instruments.
Avg. crowd size: varies
Avg. age of crowd: varies
Stuff to do around there: Frenchmen St. is the official music district of New Orleans. There are a lot of bars, and restaurants on the street.
Jam Session? No
Avg. age of musicians: 30s-40s
Skill of musicians: Intermediate-Advanced
Notable past acts: Pfister Sisters, Kristina Morales
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623 Frenchmen St.
New Orleans, LA 70116
Neighborhood: Marigny