Blue Chicago

Blue Chicago is a down and dirty blues club in the heart of the Chicago loop. Here, you can always find some soulful blues. The guitar, drums, and bass are always stayin' true. You're never gonna find a dull act here. It's a great little vintage gem in the Chi. If your feelin' a little friskay and your askin' why it's you, you might wanna meander over to the Chicago Blue...

Main styles: Blues
Overall feel: Vintage Chicago blues bar
Acoustics: Small - Medium sized room
Avg. crowd size: 25 - 75
Avg. age of crowd: Young and Old
Stuff to do around there: Downtown Chicago. Great night life!
Jam Session? No
Avg. age of musicians: Usually 30+
Skill of musicians: Great
Quality of networking: Good to chat with the musicians
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536 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 661-0100