Katie Margrave

Likes and Loves:

Adventure! Hike. Bike. Camp. Snowboard. Yoga. Dance. Frisbee. Climb. Swim. Run. Fish. Swing. Slide. Play. Read. Board games. Explore.

Music! Concerts. Festivals. The Grateful Dead. Barefoot dancing. Hula hooping. Singing. Guitar. Harmonica.
Jambands. Rock. Bright lights. Ticket stubs. Red Rocks.

Travel! Road trips. Airports. Hotels. Languages. Campsites. Oceans. Beaches. Skyscrapers. Mountains. Suitcases. The Scenic Route. Vacations.

Life! Family. Friends. My dog. Animals. Smile. Love. Laugh. Share. Eat. Trees. Flowers. Gardens. Mother Nature. Open minds. New experiences.

Create! Sew. Write. Paint. Tie-dyes. Photography. Art. Jewelry.

Sports! Buckeyes. Broncos. Bengals. Rockies. Reds. Aves. Nuggets. Game Days. ESPN (my lil sis works there!). Rivalries. Tailgating (of course).

Food and Drink! Water. Yerba Mate. Craft Brews. Chocolate Milk. Mimosas. Pino. Fruits. Veggies. Avacados. Crepes. Lucky Charms.

Katie Margrave - colorado