PAX Performing Arts Exchange

For the intellectually-curious and free-thinking individual who appreciates original music and art we are a welcoming genuine, authentic space for artistic expression. PAX recognizes that together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We have confidence the cultural arts has the ability to effect change while encouraging human empathy and a respect for difference with a ethical consideration... cause and effect. We're creating an enlightened space in which to promote the cultural arts in hopes to inspire innovative open-minded creative thinking. Come in and experience world music, art, theater and film. Or, just sit back and relax while enjoying free Wifi......

Main styles: World, Latin, Alternative, Jazz
Overall feel: Chill
Acoustics: Awesome
Avg. crowd size: 250
Avg. age of crowd: 18+
Stuff to do around there: Beaches
Jam Session? Yes! 10pm
Avg. age of musicians: 21+
Skill of musicians: Professional
Notable past acts: Sergent Garcia, Novalima, Sie7e
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337 S.W. 8 St.
Miami, FL 33130
305 640 5847
Booking Contact  [email protected]  
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