Middle East Upstairs

The Middle East Upstairs is another one of the venues maintained by the Middle East Restaurant. Also located on the same corner as the other Middle East Venues and Restaurant, the Upstairs provides a very different, and typically brighter, experience. A 194-capacity room featuring a small bar, the Upstairs is a small, boxy club that manages to pull you in with its unique charm. Featuring a handful of local acts and smaller touring acts, the Middle East Upstairs is a remarkable venue to see a concert up-close-and-personal. Re-entry is permitted; security is not extreme/excessive; occasional all-ages events; complimentary water is provided.

Main styles: Locals, Indie Rock, Hip-Hop, Ska/Reggae, Folk
Overall feel: Younger, Smaller, Intimate
Acoustics: Mediocre - Boxy Room
Avg. crowd size: 50+
Avg. age of crowd: 16 - 30
Stuff to do around there: Restaurants, Middle East, MIT Campus, Cambridge, Boston
Jam Session? No
Avg. age of musicians: 18-30
Skill of musicians: Local/Mediocre - Excellent
Notable past acts: The Toasters, Fleet Foxes, Passafire
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472 - 480 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
1 617.864.3278
Neighborhood: Cambridge/MIT
Booking Information
Booking Contact  http://www.mideastclub.com/  
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