Jannus Live

Jannus Live (formerly Landing) is a historic open-air venue in downtown St. Pete. After reopening in 2010, it's a much-improved place to catch big nationally-touring artists. It's downtown, so there's plenty of parking. The floor is a lot more level than it used to be, and they even have indoor bathrooms now, which is an upgrade from the olden days. The sound and P.A. are as great as you'd expect for a venue of this size, and they have weekly reggae showcases as well as a top-notch concert line up, so the atmosphere is as laid-back as you'd expect. There's even a retractable roof for when it rains.

Main styles: Very varied
Overall feel: Relaxed, musical
Acoustics: Varies
Avg. crowd size: Up to 2000
Avg. age of crowd: Depends on the night
Jam Session? No
Avg. age of musicians: Varies
Skill of musicians: Varies
Notable past acts: Hanson, Thursday, They Might Be Giants
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1st Ave N. and 2nd St N
St. Petersburg, FL 33701